The team here at Funkin have put together a list of commonly asked questions. We think we’ve covered everything (plus some fun extras at the end), but if you have a question that's not answered below, get in touch with us on Facebook @funkincocktails as we would love to hear from you.

Funkin Cocktail Mixer Shaker Range FAQ’s

Where can I buy a Funkin Cocktail Mixer Shaker?

Our new range can be bought from our online shop as well as Tesco, for a full list of stockists click here, you can also buy them from Amazon. More retailers on the way.

Why use a Funkin Cocktail Mixer shaker?

Our Funkin Cocktail Mixer shaker removes the need for equipment… you don’t need a shaker, strainer, muddler, blender etc. to make delicious cocktails. All you need is ice and spirit and a couple of glasses to share delicious cocktails with friends.

Does the Funkin Cocktail Mixer shaker contain alcohol?

No… they don’t as we think you’re the best judge of your favourite spirit to use.

General FAQ's

Where does your Funkin fruit come from?

As you’ve probably already guessed, fruit is at the heart of our world. In our quest to find the freshest, ripest, juiciest and tastiest ingredients for our pre-batched mixers, purees and syrups we’ve explored every corner of the globe throughout the years. The result? Persian limes from Mexico, passion fruit from Ecuador, mangoes from India and more – supplied by producers of all types and sizes.

Is there any alcohol in your products?

We believe it's important to let you add your favourite spirit to our drinks, so our products contain no alcohol. If you want a Pina Colada with whisky, go for it (although we'd recommend a white rum).

How many cocktails can I make from your products?

Our 750ml pre-batched cocktail mixer cartons can make up to seven cocktails (depending on how steady your hand is).

Our 1L pre-patched cocktail mixer cartons can make up to ten cocktails