With summer drawing to an end it’s that time of the year where everyone heads back to university. Whether you a university first timer or have been attending for years, packing can always be stressful. This back to uni packing guide from our friend Joelle (https://justjoelle.co.uk) will help you pack those things you may not have thought about.



    So not the most exciting of things to pack but it is an essential! Having a up to date diary will help you to start afresh, get organised and meet those all important deadlines. Since discovering Kikki.K whilst in Australia, I’ve always loved their diaries. Here is the one I’ve gone for this year. It has a full double spread for each week, key dates already added and a cute selection of stickers (including a Dachshunds) so what’s not to love.

  2. DRINKS!

    University can’t be all about work surely?! Be sure to stock up on some drinks so you can make the most of the parties at uni. An easy way of making cocktails is with the Funkin’ Cocktail Mixer Shakers. They cut out the need to buy expensive ingredients and cocktail shakers. It is as easy as adding your spirit to the shakers and then shaking away. Meaning you can make the most of the party rather than spending it in the kitchen. Have a watch of Primrose (Style Petal) and I going head to head in a cocktail making race using the new shakers here.


    This brings me onto the next point perfectly. Packing some paracetamol and ibuprofen is a life saver. It’s likely that you will have things to do or see the day after the night before. Have some painkillers stocked up and Berocca so you don’t feel so fragile. Equally, beware the dreaded freshers flu. Come prepared and be sure to keep those vitamin C levels high.


    Living in London I’m blessed with the sound of construction work. people in the street and of course traffic. Having some decent speakers makes all the difference when I’m trying to work at home or if I want to watch a film on my laptop with added ambiance. They also make the ideal addition to when you are getting ready in the morning and to when you have friends over. If you have noise cancelling headphones, they are perfect for when people aren’t being as quiet as they should be in the library so be sure to pack those!


    Would it be worth being a student if you couldn’t make use of the time to watch the odd Netflix show?! Having the perfect blanket for the evenings is a necessity for me after a long day on clinics. It also cuts down on the chances of you arguing with fellow flatmates about having the heating on or not. Being a student, you’ll most likely be living in shared accommodation. Invest in some slippers to avoid spillages or crumbs in the kitchen.

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